Rebecca Porter identified about 60 moth varieties while visiting The Cabin in May, 2018

Some of them are listed below.

Moths are trapped by being attracted to the light in a specially designed box, then released after being identified.*

*No moths are harmed in the capture and identification process.

19 species captured Sunday night:

Small Phoenix
Brown silver line
Peppered moth
Toadflax pug
Red twin spot carpet
Fox moth
Emperor (female)
Hebrew character
Flame shoulder
The flame
Silver Y
White ermine
Buff ermine
Muslin moth
Knot grass
Pebble prominent
Puss moth
More species seen on Thursday night were:

Red twin spot carpet (flew before you arrived)
Brown silver-line
Green carpet
Scalloped hazel
Peppered moth
Purple bar
Sandy carpet
Poplar hawkmoth
Flame shoulder
Knot grass
Brown rustic
Angle shades
White ermine
Ruby tiger
Puss moth
Fox moth
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Narrow-winged Pug
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Foxglove Pug

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