Our hay meadows thrive

Each year our three hay meadows continue to develop. Long dormant orchids and other flowers are emerging from sleep to re-populate our fields, now allowed to grow without any artificial additives.

Back hay meadow

View across our back hay meadow

Orchid with Buttercups

Orchid with grasses and buttercups

Shy Orchid hides amongst Buttercup admirers

A shy orchid surrounded by sheltering buttercups


Spring flowers emerging

Primroses, Snowdrops and Daffodils are now flowering

It's always exciting to see the first Primroses appear, heralding the imminent Spring


Primroses nestling at the side of the path to The Cabin

The sun decides to shine soon after the mist covered eclipse has finished!

Cabin path primroses



North facing Camellia blossom and bud. Our bushes have been flowering since December.

Camellia blossom and bud