Welcome EU Friends and Neighbours

We extend a warm welcome to all of our European friends and neighbours. Now could be an excellent time to take advantage of the current favourable exchange rate, resulting from the nonsense of Brexit, for which we profoundly apologise.


How not to start your holiday!

Friends arriving for a holiday a week ago ended up like this! Amazingly, and thankfully, the two occupants of the car were virtually unharmed. While making a normal reversing operation after taking a wrong turning, the car took off uncontrollably and ended up against this tree, 25 yards down a hill, only a couple of miles before reaching Ding Dong.

Mike and Chris's crash

Side view of the crash


Visitors Book Comments

You can now see comments made in our Visitors books for each cottage. No force was used in the production of these entirely unsolicited entries. Ball Cottage The Loft The Cabin


Loo Noos*

It has become apparent that last Winter's gales produced an unexpected benefit. Their destruction of a section of our hedge reveals that it is now possible to see St Michael's Mount whilst sitting on the loo in The Cabin.
*Contains material which some readers may find offensive.

View of St Michael's Mount from The Cabin loo

This photo was taken through the loo/shower room window.