Today's Primroses (12/4/18), and the odd Dandelion, line the path to The Cabin

Two days of sunshine makes Spring feel more convincing

Primroses on Cabin path


First Primroses

Primroses have now emerged along Bone Valley after the recent thaw. They are the first to herald Spring each year.
The alarming sounding Bone Valley runs from Heamoor up to Trythall then on to Ding Dong. I suspect the name Bone comes from the common local surname and not any dire historical massacre.


Enjoy a Cornish Autumn - no guarantees but promising odds!

Autumn weather in Cornwall often extends well towards the Year end, benefitting as we do, from the maritime climate down here near the Land's End. It is an excellent time to avoid those pressures of the main holiday seasons, offering less traffic and less crowding in popular places. And not to put too fine a point upon it, prices are lower and there is often greater flexibility to arrange a short break or weekend. Book now, while there is plenty of choice for dates.


Rocks and swell near Porchcurno
Photo by: Marcus Cook


A new table and chairs enhance Bal Cottages' sheltered patio, plus a glimpse of fish pond.

Bal Patio 850px


Spring arrived today

On this day, each of the 6 Magnolia Campbelli trees growing in 6 prominent Cornish Gardens has more than the 50 blossoms in full bloom required to officially announce that Spring has arrived. The 6 giant Magnolias, planted between 1860 and 1976, are situated at Caerhays Castle Gardens, Trebah Garden, Tregothnan, Trewidden, Trewithen and The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Better Broadband

We have finally managed to obtain Broadband speeds slightly higher than those we have previously suffered for many years. There is now a fibre enabled Green Box in New Mill and that kind British Telecom is now injecting Broadband onto our copper wire phone line from there. Before anyone becomes overexcited let me tell you that we still only achieve speeds of a few Mb/s compared with the previous situation where 1Mb was a constant dream. At least the satellite delay is now avoided and considering our remote location this is a significant improvement. Hoorah for the 21st century!