A vista across the Penwith moors, towards Carn Galver, just a few minutes walk from the cottages.

Ian wrote:
Dear Douglas and Jenny,
Below is the moth list we accumulated in 11-18th June and 20-27 August 2011, a total of 92 larger moths and 9 micro moths. This really is an impressive total for two weeks, and made a large contribution to our enjoyment of the time we had in the Cabin. Indeed, putting this list together has brought back many pleasant memories.
Hope this is of interest, if things go well we intend to return next year.
Best Wishes, Ian and Andrea Brown
ps Ian has invited moth enthusiasts to contact him if they wish.
Macro (larger) moths:
July Belle
Sandy Carpet
Buff Ermine
Middle-barred Minor
Elephant Hawk-moth
Small Angle-shades
White Ermine
Large Yellow Underwing
Burnished brass
Silver-ground carpet
Ingrailed Clay
Plain Golden Y
Common Carpet
Flame Shoulder
Beautiful Golden Y
Small Square-spot
Clouded-bordered Brindle
Common Marbled carpet
Small Rivulet
Pebble Prominent
Chamomile Shark
Dusky Brocade
Brown Rustic (new to me)
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Dark Arches
Scalloped Hazel
Peppered Moth
Heart and Dart
Dark Marbled Carpet (new to me)
Dot Moth
Purple Bar (new to me)
Dark Sword-grass
Common Wainscote

Pearly Underwing (new to me)
Rosy minor (new to me) 
Scalloped Oak
Square-spot Rustic
Gold Spot
Pale prominent
Lackey (new to me)
Mullein Wave (new to me)
Delicate (new to me)
Clouded Silver
Frosted Orange (new to me)
Purple Clay (new to me)

V Pug
Knot Grass (new to me)
True Lover's Knot (new to me)
Common Wave

Micro Moths (often these don't have an English name):

Udea olivalis
Ancylis achetana
Agriplila tristella
Crambus perlella
Garden Rose Tortrix
Eudonia truncicolella
Cydia succedana (new to me)
Parsnip Moth (new to me)
Acleris notana/ferrugana

Small Elephant Hawk-moth (new to me)
Brimstone Moth
Peach Blossom (new to me)
Poplar Hawk-moth
White-line Brown-eye
Common swift (new to me)
Straw Dot
Map-winged Swift (new to me)
Green Carpet
Mottled Beauty
Marbled Minor
Scalloped Shell (new to me)
Grey Pug
Foxglove Pug
Swallow Prominent
Ruby Tiger
Shuttle-shaped Dart
Lesser Yellow Underwing
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Rosy Rustic
Common Rustic
(probable) Lesser Common Rustic
Yuly Highflyer
Flounced Rustic
Turnip Moth
Garden Tiger (new to me)
Black Arches (new to me)
Red Twin-spot Carpet (new to me)
Shears (new to me)
Small Wainscote (new to me)
Deep-brown Dart (new to me)
Dark Spectacle
Small Phoenix
Dotted Clay
Dingy Footman (new to me)

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